Contact your nearest laundromat

Liquid Laundromats Head Office

Address: 703 Heretaunga Street West, Hastings, New Zealand.

Service Contact: 06 281 2027


If you need any assistance, contact your nearest self-service laundromat.

Easy-Key self-service laundromats are modern laundromats, providing you with a combination of large and extra large washers and dryers. For your convenience, you can credit your Easy-Key at any top-up agent, which can then be used whenever you need to get your washing and drying done. When your balance gets low you can top it up again at any Easy-Key agent, located nearby your local laundromat.

Should you be using a Liquid CARD site then purchasing and topping up the liquid card is done onsite at the laundromat.   Look for the payment centre on the wall.