Self-service laundromat FAQs

Check Care Label First – Yes up to a cup of bleach could be used but only if the duvet filling is feather or down (not wool).  Make sure the Wash Cycle is Warm Gentle to be safe or if you want to take some risk use Cycle Hot Wash.

Use a minimum 18kg Washer – Check Care Label First – but most feather duvets can be washed on Gentle Warm Cycle or Normal Warm Cycle and can be dried in our dryers on High Temperature – we recommend to help drying to put in the dryer 2 x clean tennis balls as these help break up the feathers\down

Use a minimum 18kg Washer – Check Care Label First.  Most of these special filled duvets can be washed but it is very important that they are only washed on Gentle Cold Cycle – these items cannot be dried. They need to be air dried only!

Hot wash cycle temperature is 60-65 degrees. Dryers on our highest temperature 87 degrees. Always check your care label.

They are cleaned regularly and the clean rinse water (not recycled) is used in every wash cycle at least twice.  The cleaners also carry out routine sanitising and extra hot wash cycles of the machines if required.

Yes a large number of our laundromats around NZ have a dedicated animal blanket washer.  These are 28kg super large washers that have special Pet Blanket Wash Cycles (warm or cold) for $10 a wash. These wash cycles have 2 extra pre wash steps and 1 extra rinse step (total of 3 wash steps + 3 rinse steps). These heavy duty wash cycles can be used for extra dirty laundry as well. Please refer to our website to see if your nearest laundromat has one available.

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