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Washing Machines

Small               (8kg)       $4.00

Super Large  (24kg)    $10.00

Dryers 25 Minutes

Small               (14kg)     $4.00 

Large               (22kg)     $5.00

Please remember to bring your own soap powder.  Most Top-Up Agents will have this for sale.

Purchase & Top Up Your Easy-Key At

United Video South City

Covid-19 update: Agent will be closed during the lockdown

250 Elles Road Invercargill

9am – Midnight 7 days


Elles Road Night N Day

Covid-19 update: Agent will remain open but may have reduced hours, please contact them to find out more.

235 Elles Road Invercargill

Open 24 hours

Laundromat Phone Number

03 218 8355