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Washing Machines

Small       (8kg)          $4.00

Large       (18kg)        $8.00

X-Large    (28kg)       $10.00

Cold Wash               -$1.00

Heavy Duty Wash    +$1.00

                                                       Dryers (25 Minutes)

Small      (14kg)         $4.00

Large      (22kg)         $5.00 

X-Large   (34kg)         $7.00

Great New Feature

$1.00 to extend drying time from 5 Minutes

Please remember to bring your own soap powder.  


Dedicated Pet Bedding Washer Available

Purchase & Top Up Your Liquid Card

Liquid Card can be purchased and topped up on site

$1 to purchase your Liquid card (one off charge)

Top up in $10.00 increments UP TO max $150.00

Laundromat Phone Number

06 2812027