1205 High St (Next to Rainbow Dairy), Taita Shopping Centre, Taita, Lower Hutt


SUN Open 24hours
MON Open 24hours
TUE Open 24hours
WED Open 24hours
THUR Open 24hours
FRI Open 24hours
SAT Open 24hours


Washing Machines

Small        (8kg)       $4.00

Large       (18kg)      $8.00

Dryers 25 Minutes

Small       (14kg)      $4.00

Large       (22kg)      $5.00

Please remember to bring your own soap powder.  Most Top-Up Agents will have this for sale.

Purchase & Top Up Your Easy-Key At

Key Agents Open are

Arpan Dairy – 561 High Street L/Hutt

Harsa Dairy – Fergusson Drive U/Hutt

Both may have reduced hours


Rainbow Dairy (Next door)

Covid-19 update: Agent is closed during Covid-19 lockdown period.

1204 High Street


Lower Hutt

 7.00am-8.30pm 7 days

Laundromat Phone Number

04 970 0994